Old Town Tour

Follow the guide through cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways as you get to hear about the original island of Stockholm, founded way back in the 13th century.

A couple is admiring a large square in Old Town Stockholm.

Old Town or Gamla Stan is filled with beautiful houses and cozy little squares but its history is ripe with blood chilling stories! With 750 years of history, Old Town has enough stories to last for a day-long tour: So we made sure to only include the very best ones! Also, we threw in lots of stuff about vikings for good measure.

The Tour

Included in the tour

  • Learn of the horror that was the Stockholm Bloodbath
  • Discover the smallest statue in Stockholm
  • The tragic tale of Crown Princess Margaret's death
  • Vikings!


  • The Royal Palace
  • A real rune stone
  • St George and the Dragon statue
  • Stockholm Cathedral
  • And more!

Practical information

  • The Old Town Tour starts at Benny Fredrikssons Torg, and ends close to Slussen.
    Link to map
  • The tour is usually 1,5-2 hours long
  • Wheelchair accessible? Not really, due to cobblestone streets.

Booking the Old Town Tour