Death in Old Town

Death may strike at any moment! Picture courtesy by The Wellcome Collection.

This bloodcurdling tour is not for those who scare easily! In fact, it’s all about the DARK and HORRIBLE side of Stockholm’s history. 

We will talk about murders, grave robbers, the horribly inefficient ways doctors prevented and cured the plague in the 18th century, why Alfred Nobel was so afraid of being buried alive, and the gruesome punishments given to the murderer of King Gustav III in 1792.

In short, if you would like to be reminded of how dirty, dangerous and disease-ridden Stockholm was until very recently, then take this tour. Not for the faint of hearted; only the very bravest are invited to come along.

Included in the tour

  • Descartes: Swiftly killed by the Stockholm weather
  • Suicides in Sweden
  • Raoul Wallenberg: our missing WWII hero
  • Disgusting and poisonous medicine: 18th century medicine
  • Methods of torture and punishment by the Stockholm executioner
  • The plague and cholera in Stockholm


  • The building where Carolus Linneaus practiced medicine (badly)
  • The two coziest squares in Old Town, and the largest
  • “Hell”, the most dangerous alley in Medieval Stockholm
  • The secret, serene square just 10 seconds from Västerlånggatan
  • Riddarholm’s church
  • The most stunning view of the City Hall and lake Mälaren you could imagine

Plan your day

  • The Death in Old Town Tour starts by Slussen metro stop, exit Ryssgården, in front of the Stockholm City Museum
  • The tour is usually 1,5-2 hours long
  • The tour ends close to the Old Town metro stop
  • Wheelchair accessible? No, unfortunately. Lots of cobblestones in Old Town
  • Not for children under 12 or anyone prone to fainting in horror

Schedule for All Tours

Meeting point: Slussen Metro