Best views of Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city! Here are some places where you can get a good look and maybe snap a few postcard quality pics.

Free places

The best free view of Stockholm can be found on Söder, on either the west of the east side of Slussen. Check out the map above (or just take our Söder Tour)! To the east you’ll find the street Fjällgatan, go there for a great view over the water and old Town. Follow the street to get to the vegetarian restaurant Herman’s,and check out their garden. They have a a nice view too. Further down the cliffs you’ll find the  excellent Photography museum.

To the west of Slussen you’ll find Monteliusvägen and Skinnarviksberget, which are walkways at the top of a steep cliff. From here, you’ll have a great view of the City hall especially. I especially recommended you to hang out here when the sun sets! Trust me, it’s often divine. Go see it!

Places with admission

There are also some places where you can pay to go up towers to get a nice view:

The City Hall Tower gives a wonderful view of the Old Town and down town Stockholm. Many postcard pictures are taken from the tower!  It’s pretty cheap by Stockholm standards,  50 kr per person in 2016, but it is closed between October and April.

The Globen Sky View has a lot of ads out, but that’s only because they have to, otherwise no one would go. It’s 150 kr for 20 minutes and only gives you a view of the suburbs. Not really worth your money to be honest.

Kaknästornet (the Kaknäs tower, reached by bus 69 from T-centralen/Centralstation) is the tallest tower in Stockholm. You’ll get a great view, but it’s a bit far off (a 20 minute busride) and therefore has only a great view of the city from afar.