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Tour Schedule

Click on a tour for more info. The schedule is updated during the last week of every month. Please note that you must be well to come on a tour. More info about COVID-19 here.

March 2021 update: The maximum group size is still reduced and we are currently only giving the Old Town Tour and only in English. Make sure to make your free booking in time and please let us know if you can’t make it to the tour, it helps us a lot. Thank you.

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Please note

  • Booking is required to keep groups smaller and safer.
  • Cancellation cut off is 7 pm the day before, so try to book your tour before then.
  • Booking is free. If you liked the tour please consider tipping your guide. They don’t get paid any other way.
  • Masks are not required but please use them if you can.
  • Remember to keep distance between you and others.
  • Dress for the weather! If it’s cold, wear layers of clothing and hats and gloves.
  • Please write us a review after the tour.

Important information about groups

The tours have two different meeting places

Sergels torg

These tours start at the top of the wide stairs by Sergels torg (Sergel square) and the street Drottninggatan. Click for map.

Slussen Metro

These tours start outside the Stockholm City Museum by the Slussen metro entrance by Södermalmstorg (Södermalm square). Click for map.


In general, the Swedish society has not been closed down to the same extent as many other countries, but physical distancing applies and you should wear a face mask while using public transport. To be able to come on a tour you have to show no symptoms of COVID-19. If you start showing symptoms you need to stay in self isolation if possible. Find current info at Visitsweden.com.

Our Tours

All tours take about 90-120 minutes and are about 2 kilometers long. The tours have different starting points. For more info take a look at the maps below. Read more about each tour.

Groups of 10 or more, schools and organizations

Our Free Tours are aimed at individual visitors and we reserve the right to turn away unannounced large groups, but we really don’t want to. Please contact us at least 3 days in advance if you want to bring a lot of friends.

We do not offer Free Tours to schools or other organizations. Instead, book a very reasonably priced Private Tour by contacting the guides directly.

Why you should take our tours

Our guided walking tours in Stockholm are free so that everybody, regardless of budget, can discover this amazing city. Our expert guides show you the sites and tell you about the city’s history during our interesting and entertaining 1,5-2 hours walking tours. Our tours are absolutely free. There are no fees. If you want to, you can tip your guide at the end. That’s it!

So how come we give tours without charging money for them? Because our guides work only for tips, they’re guaranteed to do their very best during every tour. They’ll never pressure you to donate, even though they don’t get paid any other way. We believe that if our guests decide to give money, it should be completely voluntary and in direct proportion to the quality of the tour and the budget of the traveler. We’re always working to make our tours better, both because it’s more fun to give a great tour, and because the better the tour, the more tip for the guide!

About Us

Free Tour Stockholm Management and Freelance Guides
Some of the Free Tour Stockholm gang! From left to right: Founder Annelie, guide Monica, guide Anton, founder Freddie, guide Amelia, guide Lee, guide Zenid, guide Peter, guide Ryan, guide Nina, honorary Free Tour Stockholm child Aurora.

In the summer of 2009, the newlyweds Annelie and Freddie bought two Interrail passes and traveled through Europe during a month. As students, they based their budget on lots of Nutella-eating and sleeping in 18 bed dorms. They still had a great time, and the best part of their trip was the free, tip-based tours that were given in several European cities. Without exception, these tours were funnier and more interesting than all other paid tours, which were expensive to boot.

So when they returned back home to Stockholm, they decided to try the concept themselves, with Annelie as a guide and Freddie as an administrator. In August of 2010 Annelie gave the first tour to two German tourists who didn’t seem to speak much English but who were still very enthusiastic afterwards. Encouraged by this success, we’ve kept going since!