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Our guides have over 10 years of guiding experience in Stockholm and around Europe. They have a great passion and deep understanding of Swedish history and culture. Small groups ensure an interactive and fun look into Stockholm's past and present. Reserve your free booking spot below.


Please note

  • Booking is required to keep groups smaller.
  • Booking is free. If you liked the tour please consider tipping your guide. They don't get paid any other way.
  • Dress for the weather! If it's cold, wear layers of clothing and hats and gloves.
  • Please write us a review after the tour, we really appreciate it.

Groups of six or more, schools and organizations

Our Free Tours are aimed at individual visitors and we reserve the right to turn away unannounced large groups. Instead, large groups of six or more, school classes an student groups must book their own private tours by emailing us for a reasonably priced tour suited to your needs with your own guide.

Our Tours

All tours take about 90-120 minutes and are about 2 kilometers long.

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